Kes Joshawk: The Emperor Returns

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Kes Joshawk: The Emperor Returns is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to Kes Joshawk, a northern nation on the planet Raljikka that is controlled by the Alamo Empire. The Alamo Empire's fleets have had to contend with pirates since time immemorial, but one particular pirate is starting to gather attention. She claims that the Alamo Empire is hiding some kind of elaborate treasure somewhere in Kes Joshawk, and she'll stop at nothing to get it, no matter who stands in her way.

The Kes Joshawk campaign is vitally important for the Alamo Empire's plotline, but its position in the plot has great ramifications on the overarching story, especially where the Alamo Empire is concerned. Players are recommended to do Kes Joshawk when they desire to advance the Alamo Empire storyline, as delaying it does not negatively impact the other plots but rather just changes them and their outcomes in sometimes not too subtle ways.

The theme for Kes Joshawk: The Emperor Returns is Sounds of Freedom.