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"I'm Kirsta. I can't fix... all this. I don't think. But I'm nice. I try hard to be. I like to help! And I promise, no more hitting. From anybody here. That sounds like a good start, right? We should... do something fun, next. Because this wasn't fun. I always like to go outside to get started. Take a breath and look at the sky. I used to like the sun more, but it's not great to look at. Hurts my eyes. I like stars a little more now. I don't have a plan, but do you want to start there?"

Kirsta Redmane is a particularly crimson human. She is polite, but often will rush around to complete whatever task she has taken up so that she can return to relaxing, or whatever she had been doing before. It is most often eating. She currently works for her adopted mother, Antanolya Blet, searching the galaxy for anything particularly interesting the two can sell at their pawn shop, Blet's Bits: "Have a Lark in Edlarkken!"


Having grown up on the streets of Edlarkken, in the Alamo Empire, Kirsta is accustomed to city life. She grew up an orphan there, learning a variety of life skills. Kirsta grew up without a family, but as a child she ran errands in exchange for food for a Suljakko, whose name she has since forgotten. The Suljakko gave her the nickname "Redmane". He disappeared while she was still very young, but she kept the name he gave her.

Later on in her childhood, Kirsta began to work for Antanolya Blet, a pawn shop owner in Edlarkken. Kirsta first began by bringing things to Antanolya that she could sell in exchange for food. Antanolya, astonished when she determined that Kirsta was indeed simply finding things rather than simply stealing them, kept Kirsta by her side, and eventually adopted her. The two first met when Kirsta tried to sell Antanolya a bag of candy wrappers, bottles, and a tooth. She claimed it was a goodie bag. It wasn't.

Fifth Dream of Arplakoon

Mioura: The Forgotten Past!

A beacon of optimism in the altogether dreary times had in Mioura, Kirsta worked alongside Zrakati Firescale, Aurette, Natalya Alkaev, Brinegill, and Mirra Miele to determine just exactly what had been going on in the ruins of the shattered planet. It was there that she encountered Ainori the Heir and decided to adopt her as a sister of sorts, and work to restore her to her former life, family, and throne. She never once raised a hand in violence, and was able to resolve the conflict largely peacefully. Dokani was banished and Kirsta had decided on members of her new family. Together, along with Ainori, the modern day Thorn and Felaji, Fanred, Falgren, Goluragg and Dermazd joined the newly crowned Time-Keepers and returned to the present day, ready to seek out hearty meals and a happier times.

Olaka: The Longest Journey!

As the group journeyed to Olaka, at the request of Nat, Kirsta was enthused about the snowy weather, evidently unperturbed by the cold. Though the journey was harsh, she had the company of her friends. Ever peaceful, yet firm, Kirsta helped to assert herself amongst the squabbling Alamin and Veriol troops and resolve their conflict over Nascimedo without a fight breaking out. Afterward, the group continued into the Deadlands, finding a lost space port with a machine that delivered a painful reminder of where her old family had gone, which she has not been eager to remember. Instead, she chooses to look forward with her ever chipper demeanor, making a found family with those she comes across.

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