Kolgnar ond Edtol System

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The Kolgnar ond Edtol System is a distant system within Ealdremen, part of the Sovereignty of the Raashjin Spiral Arm. In spite of their relative proximity to the Raashjin of the Heavens' Fog Systems, the Kolgnar ond Edtol System has remained steadfastly defiant in the face of the spaceweaving Raashjin due to the true masters of the Kolgnar and Edtol System, from which this system draws its name. The Alkaniwyn, loosely led by their progenitor Kolgnar, reign over all habitable planets within the system, and they even ascribe the start of life within the system to their own need for subjects and pawns in their grandly unfathomable designs. For the most part, a given inhabitant of this system will only ever see the most youthful and reckless of the Alkaniwyn, as they are given governance over specific regions and must prove themselves worthy of inheriting Kolgnar's legacy. The Alkaniwyn are divided into various clans and families, each of them seeing one another as a rival and unpredictable variable within their schemes that can last for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Generally, they see only each other as threats, and never their subjects, for the death of an Alkaniwyn curses not only whoever killed them, but the very place where they died, blighting the land to such a point that not even other Alkaniwyn can rejuvenate it.

The development of technology is often hindered by younger Alkaniwyn, rendering the system as a whole much less technologically advanced than many others, especially the nearby Heavens' Fog Systems. More confident Alkaniwyn may instead encourage the growth of technology, certain that they can harness mortal ingenuity for their own ends. However, most Alkaniwyn appear to have an innate desire to subdue any forms of magic and psionic energy in their populaces, even the ones that otherwise facilitate the growth of their civilizations to unprecedented heights. Those who treat with such forms of energy, magic or psionic, tend to have connections to the various other monsters of the system or other lost powers -- ones that claim that it wasn't terribly long ago, in the grand scheme of things, that even the system's current namesake, Kolgnar, was little more than a common vermin compared to the previous masters of this solar system.