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Life in Koraso is governed by guilds all dedicated to a particular discipline or subject, and children are raised more by these guilds than their blood relatives. Aptitude is most important in Koraso; criminals are regarded as people who had no aptitude for anything in particular and were consequently forced to turn to crime to get by. This outlook is what created the country of Detia; because the land itself was seen as good for nothing, the Korosians initially saw no problem with exiling criminals to land as unproductive as they were. Modern-day Korosian views tend to see Detia as a country misguided in purpose and needing to reunite with Koraso in order to harness its newfound industrial nature for something useful.

Guilds in Koraso are generally divided into vocational and intellectual categories. Typically, children are raised as apprentices in "generalized" guilds to give them a taste of many different walks of life so that they can decide for themselves what to do -- or, more often, so their superiors can see where their talents lie and give recommendations to specialist guilds. Productivity is all-important in Koraso; learning is an investment for future productivity, and wasting too much time on "trying to find the perfect job" is seen as lost opportunities to be making something of oneself. Members of guilds rarely associate with people outside their guilds or "sibling guilds" that are related in discipline (such as sociology and psychology or programming and robotics). Koraso is thus sometimes called a land of strangers working together; guilds will commission one another for different work, but such commissions are business-like and often have involved parties calling each other by their profession or guild rank in lieu of personal names.