Kyrol: The Locked World

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Kyrol: The Locked World is a campaign for Arplakoon's Daydreams.


Within the ranks of the Nebgardeist, the Queen of Kyrol's royal guard, a chosen few have been dispatched on an urgent mission. Mere hours prior, a message was received, delivered by a courier who spoke for Queen Reinfell herself: a drought threatened a cresting wave near Lakeside Reinfell Palace. To the uninitiated, it was merely a commentary on the weather, for it had been particularly dry that Tristal.

To the Nebgardeist, however, it held much more sinister a meaning.

One of royal blood-- a "cresting wave"-- was in danger of being assassinated by a "drought"-- an enemy of the Queen.

Bound by their oath to protect, to go where they are needed, unwavering, undaunted, unbroken-- the Nebgardeist would find the key they had lost.


Players play as a darkrunner member of the Nebgardeist. They may be either a knight or an apprentice, however, their level is 7 regardless of which position they choose. The game is run using Pathfinder ruleset, with some 3.5e additions, and all Ealdremen house rules that are in play for the main campaigns are in play for The Locked World. Stat modifiers should add up to 11 pre-racial, and character wealth by level is used, meaning all characters begin play with 23,500 gp.