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Ladinyol is a nation known for its alchemical prowess and prestigious schools dedicated to mimicking arcane magic through "empirically sound" means. They scorn magic that is derived from the body's innate Chrono or from spellbooks and scrolls; to imbue arcane might into something that can be bottled and used at will is the true demonstration of power and control. Potions do not cause arcane-addling, further proving their superiority to magic, and Ladinyol's alchemists work tirelessly to mass-produce potions that will be able to entirely replace magic and have no side effects whatsoever for the common citizen. Perhaps as a side effect of this cultural reliance on alchemy, Ladinyol's citizens tend to be inclined to take risks, seeing it as an important step in the greater scheme of things to be willing to test things and be the documented case study so that further advancements can be made.

The scorn for arcane magic's scholars is tangible throughout Ladinyol's higher institutions, and it seeps into even non-academic contexts. For the most part, arcane magic is viewed as the beginning of lesser sciences -- an important foundational step and something to be noted in history books, but a primitive one that some people still have yet to let go of. Those not inclined to pursue alchemy as a career will still find their lives molded by alchemy in Ladinyol; medicine is commonly found in drinkable form no matter the cure or the ailment, bartenders are often junior alchemists specializing in food science, and so on.