Lakeside Reinfell Palace

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An old castle in northern Kyrol, the abandoned Lakeside Reinfell Palace belongs to the royal Reinfell family, though it has not been in use since 4203 when threats of ligvoel attacks made them flee for Archselle. Nowadays, it is a historical location maintained solely for tourism value, but only recently under Queen Merkrauer Reinfell's rule have ligvoels been allowed inside. Previously, they were barred from entry due to the historical context in which the palace was abandoned.

The palace itself is made of stone and was once vibrantly painted, though its colors have grown increasingly worn throughout the years from storms in the area. Currently, there are no plans to restore the palace to its original state, but the Reinfells have commissioned a replica to be built nearby to show what the palace once looked like.

Famously, there is a plundered treasure room deep within the Lakeside Reinfell Palace -- nobody knows the whereabouts or even the contents of the vanished treasure, as accounts of it were destroyed by the guards that had been responsible for the treasure's safekeeping. The stolen Reinfell fortune remains a popular subject of Kyrolid media, but the royal family itself declines to comment on it.