Lyzots: The Piper's Call

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Lyzots: The Piper's Call is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the jungle nation of Lyzots, a land with a contentious history between the lirastot and zhiji races over the right to the bountiful Tasar Jungle. This feud comes in surges, and one such surge has resulted in a surge of zhiji supremacists starting to abduct civilians allegedly to sacrifice to their god, the Piper. The followers of the Piper are ruthless and bloodthirsty, and something must be done to stop them.

The Lyzots campaign is better suited for being a middle-beginning campaign; its conflicts may prove to be too challenging and its storyline too alien for new players that are unused to Chrono Stars' worlds. Its plot may be perceived as a "break" from the main action of the storyline, though some elements of the overarching plot will be present in Lyzots, albeit with a small role.

The theme of Lyzots: The Piper's Call is The Truth Beneath The Rose.