Menème Gardier

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"For I have the eyes of the Veriol Alliance throughout Ealdremen as ley lines, and whatever they see, so do I."

The Veriol Council's Minister of Intelligence, Menème Gardier is a proficient but rather young member of the Council. She's an adept user of arcane magic and has a legion of similarly skilled mages in her employment, lending her unparalleled success in acquiring "intelligence" for the Veriol Alliance. Though she campaigned on a liberal platform and is open-minded to changes in the Veriol Alliance, Menème's youth and tendency to be rather quiet has led to suspicions that her spying has turned towards Veriol citizens as well as enemies of the Veriol Alliance, perhaps in collaboration with Zervat Aniklý.


Little is known of Menème's life before she became involved with the Veriol Alliance, though her having only one surname (an extreme oddity among larrier) did not go unnoticed once she came to public attention. Her only having one surname was due to having a poor relationship with one of her mothers; they eventually divorced after years of fighting with one another, and Menème only kept the Gardier surname as a result.

How Menème was initially "discovered" by the Veriol Alliance is unknown; there are rumors that she was spying on the previous Minister of Intelligence and had been caught, but the Minister had been so impressed that he made her his apprentice instead of arresting her. These rumors were denied, but they persisted nonetheless throughout Menème's time with the Veriol Alliance, especially when she campaigned to become the next Minister of Intelligence herself. Because of her work and her liberally-minded promises to keep the Veriol Alliance government out of the business of the people, she was voted into office in the year 4336, though at a very narrow margin.