Mioura: The Forgotten Past

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Mioura: The Forgotten Past is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the shattered remains of the planet Mioura, where undead are pushing back the Kylian settlers in the area. The Kylians hope to uncover the secrets of the ruins left behind by the precursors, but a shadowy figure seems to haunt their every step and counter any attempts at progress.

The Mioura campaign is not directly connected to any campaign but still introduces some overarching plot elements that will become important later, and its largely-standalone nature means that it is good for an introductory campaign for a new group. For the same reasons, it can also be done later in the overarching plot with minimal negative consequences for the main plot's pacing.

The theme for Mioura: The Forgotten Past is Ice Queen.