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"We are dreamless. We have no future."

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Full Name: PD-204 (Naddum)
Pronunciation: Nah-dum
Race: Precursor
Gender: Female
Born: 13-12-4326 CGC
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O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.

Naddum is a young girl who, despite her age, has a dreary, cynical outlook on life. Self-deprecating and bitter, she thinks little of the consequences of her actions. She has a notably unhinged jaw, giving her a perpetually agape expression.


Naddum was the 204th precursor created within the Dai Lhan Weapons Facility. Like the others, she was confined to a small space for most of her life. However, she was unusual in that she was quite advanced mentally, though her poor health and physical constitution meant that she could not be used to complete the project. Naddum wasted away, desiring freedom above all else, and she tried to trick others into giving her the death she sought. The researchers quickly realized the extent of her mental prowess, making note that she was dangerous and could not be trusted, no matter what she said.

Second Dream of Arplakoon

Alti Maru: The Last Stand

In Arplakoon's second dream, Naddum tricked Isaak into releasing her. Though she had been hoping she would die due to her frail body, Ddremmu healed her, denying her death. At first, Naddum was angry and disappointed, though her fury gave way to utter confusion that Ddremmu would try to save the life of someone who "had no future" and who had also tricked them into triggering an alarm. Ddremmu insisted that Naddum ought to see the world outside the facility, a proposal that Naddum was initially resistant to but eventually agreed to, perhaps expecting Ddremmu to go back on her word.

After resolving the situation within the facility, Ddremmu dubbed her "Naddum," a Smadda name that meant "hope". She then decided that Naddum could be taken care of back at the temple of Renddar that Ddremmu also had come from, making arrangements to bring Naddum there.