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Nalmación's name literally translates to "bad country" in reference to its origins as a land of exiles settled by listron pushed away from Ra Lar. Forced to fend on their own, they developed a culture of repurposing old tools for new utilities, and having multi-purpose tools that could function as many things to save on materials. Their inventions favor function over form, and children are encouraged to be innovative thinkers and to not be constrained by old ways of doing things. While cooperation is vital in Namalese society, the people are also fiercely competitive -- competition begets epiphany and unlikely solutions, and squabbles about who came up with what idea first can turn into lifelong rivalries to continually outdo one another.

The government of Nalmación is overseen by a council that consists of people declared by popular vote to be the most ingenious of all Nalmación's people; the Namalese are loath to put their faith in someone who favors conventional "book learning" rather than forging new paths, and few within Nalmación's invention-centered society will have access to the same education as their counterparts in other countries. As a result, the government rarely contains especially charismatic or foreign affairs-oriented individuals, and Nalmación has an international reputation as being the most uncouth and even savage. The problem-solving minds of Nalmación, however, are too valuable to disregard entirely, and other Beynid countries especially begrudgingly tolerate the unconventional ways of this isolated country.