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When foreign sailors first saw Nebbnon over the horizon, they were certain it had to be a mirage, for the high-rising trees of Nebbnon gleam gold and silver in the moonlight. During the day, Nebbnon's jungles are drab and almost seem to be dead, and in the absence of moonlight, they also retain their plain appearance. When either one of Raljikka's moons shines down on Nebbnon during the night, however, the trees seem to come alive with vibrant metallic sheens to their leaves.

Historically, Nebbnon views things that come from "the top" of the earth more favorably than things that had to be harvested from the bottom. To this day, their buildings are predominately wooden and sealed together with enchanted mud rather than made of any sort of metal, and they tend to use magic in lieu of electricity or technology when able. To the people of Nebbnon, the world has already given them enough to easily acquire on the surface; to dig into the world and steal metals and gems from it is akin to ripping open a person's body. In other words, it is selfish and violent, defiles the world, and promises that when they themselves die, the planet will find ways to return what was done to it upon their bodies.