Neechi's Corsairs

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Small in number but exceedingly brutal, Neechi's Corsairs are a band of pirates led by Riinghia Neechi. Despite the name, the group existed prior to their current leader's foray into piracy; they were an honorless band comprised of people kicked out of other crews for all sorts of crimes. The crimes ranged from insubordination to murdering fellow crewmates. Riinghia Neechi apparently took over this group, renaming it Neechi's Corsairs, and turning it from a scorned and nameless group of vagabonds to a rightly-feared name throughout the galaxy.

Neechi's Corsairs predominately target civilian ships, possibly on account of their small size making them unable to go after any larger targets; Riinghia Neechi is allegedly picky with whom she brings into the crew, promoting quality over quantity. However, because of their small size, they are notoriously difficult to track down and find.

The Red Quasars and their captain, Picaro ne Valor, apparently have taken an interest in bringing Neechi's Corsairs into their massive crew.