Nicta: The Corruption Deepens

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Nicta: The Corruption Deepens is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the city of Fol Atzo in the nation of Nicta. Gang wars within the city have reached a breaking point, and it seems all hell is about to break loose, especially with rumors that one of the gangs has acquired a weapon powerful enough to wipe out the others. Time will tell if this weapon is enough, or if the other gangs' connections to the government will prove more powerful in the end.

The Nicta campaign is designed to be played early on as an introductory campaign. While it may introduce NPCs that will be important later, it mostly serves as an introduction to the world and style of gameplay that players can expect, and some important aspects of it have overarching effects on the plot. Consequently, it's recommended that Nicta is completed sooner rather than later.

The theme of Nicta: The Corruption Deepens is All I Need.