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Njaldakk is a coastal Raljikkan nation of note located to the north, bordering Jeralden and Bjotha. It has been subject to scrutiny since the instatement of its theocratic government -- an oddity among imperial countries as it is, but perhaps even further strange because the mandated religion is atheism. The Njaldakkian way has turned atheism into a religion unto itself, valuing humanist ideals over anything religious and scorning the gods as putting faith in something that will turn against their own believers, as seen with the Godbomb. Divine magic is forbidden in Njaldakk with the exception of archivists with credentials from Dei-Fed, who may practice within Njaldakk after acquiring a license to do so. Using divine magic is considered courting disaster; one can treat arcane-addling, but not being faith-forfeit or parasite-pledged.

Self-actualization is valued in Njaldakk over following the prescribed rules of religious doctrine. Individuals are encouraged to pursue their own worldly goals, whatever they may be. Parents and older family members often set aside money for children or younger relatives so that once they're of age, they can achieve a lofty goal such as travelling the world or owning a restaurant; this is encouraged by the Njaldakkian government by "goal fund" money not being taxed as heavily but with many restrictions on when it can be withdrawn and by whom. Wealthy Njaldakkians often make the headlines for "granting wishes" to less well-off individuals, especially children. And thus the country digs its heels in and encourages the forsaking of religion; if removing gods can create a society where everyone helps one another anyway and is free to follow their dreams as they desire, then there is surely no need of religion at all.