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Oladani (pronounced oh-la-da-nee) is a spear and was the eighth of the godslaying weapons to be forged. Its name means "Destruction Lust" in Zinaji.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


Oladani is a longspear whose handle seems to be made of two metals fused together. The top part, closer to the spearpoint, is a vibrant silver that has orange lines running through it. The bottom part is a deep colbalt blue with white dots. The spearpoint is wickedly sharp and is slightly curved, resembling a fang.

When inactive, Oladani's colors become far more muted, resembling more a standard grey. The orange lines and white dots vanish, and the spear's point almost seems duller when the weapon is not awakened.


The voice of Oladani is more akin to two voices speaking in deliberate, steady unison, one male and one female. However, as time goes on, they both speak in an almost hurried, chaotic tone that has an air of flippancy. Apparently, the voices have a habit of laughing in a deranged manner the longer someone uses Oladani.

It is said that when introducing itself, Oladani will tell its new wielder, "I thirst for battle once more, to draw the blood of those who would do you harm."



The incantation to awaken Oladani is spoken in Zinaji.

"Ojani ku gatte ze! Rashilara ve!"

Translated, it means, "The universe was born in chaos, and so it shall return!"