Olaka: The Longest Journey

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Olaka: The Longest Journey is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the nation of Olaka, a frigid land controlled by the Veriol Alliance on Estvoled. Although typically a peaceful land where the natives largely have to worry about wild monsters, there are rumors that the Alamo Empire is advancing on Olaka in search of some kind of secret that hides deep within the arctic wilderness. Whether it's true or not, the Veriol Alliance won't let the Alamo Empire encroach on their territory... and whatever the Olakan secret may be, they can't let it get into the hands of their enemy.

The Olaka campaign is a good introduction to the Veriol Alliance, and it advances their storyline without overwhelming players with the heavy political clashes that dominate some of the other Veriol plot events. Due to the Alamo Empire's presence in the plot, it can also serve as an introduction to them. As such, Olaka is recommended to be done earlier rather than later.

The theme for Olaka: The Longest Journey is Hand of Sorrow.