One Star System

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The One Star System is a solar system located at the Edge of the Halo, the outskirts of the Ealdremen galaxy. It is especially distant from other solar systems located in the arms of Ealdremen's spiral; as its name suggests, its low stellar density also makes it difficult to detect or observe from other solar systems. The inhabitants of the One Star System themselves cannot contact other systems, for their dark skies are not only without light due to a lack of stars, but because their system has become permeated with black Chrono. This time-infused essence has locked the One Star System in a perpetual loop that starts and restarts; the entire system relives particular points in history depending on their location, and it is rare for individuals to remember events from previous cycles or even realize what has become of their worlds. At some points, time may truly advance and finally leave a cycle in the past, only to get stuck once again for another seemingly arbitrary amount of time.

Due to the One Star System's location, it would be expected that new stars would be forming throughout its lifespan, much like the Heonfix System. However, the sky is utterly dark, with no semblance of the night and day cycles that are common elsewhere in Ealdremen. Only a solitary star can be seen in the One Star System's sky -- a brilliant white star that bears different names and myths throughout the One Star System, but all have a roughly, yet startlingly similar meaning: the Sleeper.