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One of the last great precursor nations, Ores had territory consisting of huge portions of Ruenfora. As Ruenfora is one of the few pieces of Mioura that is even remotely intact, it is primarily through the remaining records and artifacts of Ores that modern-day Kylians know about the precursors.

The capital city of Ores, Aiages, was located at the base of a cliff overlooked by the castle where the royal family, high-ranked nobility, and any servants or castle staff lived. Although there were likely once other ways up this cliff, the only way to climb it now is to ascend the Altar of the New Gods, a massive, ziggurat-like structure.

Ores was ruled by a monarchy whose regents were known by the proper titles of the King or the Queen; their predecessors, once they were dead or otherwise no longer on the throne, would be called by other titles to differentiate them. An example of this would be Dasedrak the Conqueror. When alive, he would have been called the King by his subjects, but he was retroactively known as the Conqueror following his death.

The last known records from Ores indicate that they controlled most neighboring nations, including Gralshad, and were a massive world power. It is unknown what may have caused their fall from power.