Ousted Stars

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The Ousted Stars comprise a section of Ealdremen that is hellish in landscape and torn apart, comparable to something more like a nightmare. Its planets are chained together with massive aetherial links that cross over the sky. Due to lacking a sun, these glowing chain links are the sole source of light throughout the Ousted Stars' planets, and the Ousted Stars are not considered a proper planetary system. The surfaces of the worlds are dark and mostly lightless; lava crosses over the planets like rivers, and the populations of these worlds eke out meager, pathetic existences wherever they can. Broken pieces of asteroids and even other planets can be seen from the surface of an Ousted Stars planet.

It is said that an eldritch god called Zanketzi the Ousted Gaze descends upon the Ousted Stars to feed; scholars from the Ninefold System speculate that if the Ousted Stars were not created by Zanketzi, then the distorted god surely maintains the Ousted Stars' stability for the sake of later harvesting from it.