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Paltriz is the name given to one of Beyne's two moons, the other being Aruna. Much like Aruna, Paltriz's surface is cold and covered in ice. This barren moon would be by and large featureless if it weren't for its bizarre "quirk" of what astronomers have dubbed "mirror echoes". Despite Paltriz not having snowfall like Aruna, as its atmosphere is too weak to sustain weather of any sort, it maintains footprints exceedingly well -- but not ones left by anyone walking on Paltriz's surface. Rather, it appears that any footprints or any marks at all left on Aruna will be reflected onto Paltriz like a mirror: reversed, but otherwise the same. This was tested during the Millennial Calm when two teams of researchers landed on Paltriz and Aruna at the same time. Given enough time, the Paltriz team located prints and scorch marks indicating a spaceship landing. From there, the Aruna team wrote out in the snow the now-famous line of "Lateoné, foy jatené, ojánme" -- "I was hidden, you saw me, now observe me". The words appeared on the surface of Paltriz before the researchers' eyes; the letters were reversed, but it was undeniably the same writing otherwise.

Given the property of mimicking Aruna, it is thought that this might be why Paltriz has glowed brighter since the Godbomb, though the source of Aruna's growing light has yet to be discovered.