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Peritus is a planet in the Vistelo system, closer to the star than the three known habitable planets. As such, its climate is searing and hostile. Not much of its surface is known; its sky is choked with thick red clouds, which have made even the act of landing a probe on its surface difficult. What glimpses of its surfaces Vistelan astronomers have managed suggest a barren landscape, spotted with craters and swept with sand.

Interest in Peritus was reignited in the year 221 C.F., when the Pax Caedes Steladoctrinium landed a rover named Martyris on its surface with minimal complications. Their success was shortlived, however, for the rover stopped transmitting mere hours later, after its audio sensors sent back an eerie signal: a loud rumbling, followed by what sounded like a thunderous roar of some massive creature. Analysis of the signal was immediate and intense, but it wasn't until a linguist used a comprehend languages spell that it was at last understood. It was called many things: an omen, a plea, a warning, but there was one thing all could agree the signal said.

"Stay away".