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Perrado may have its gates open to foreigners as tourists or temporary workers, but only those who can prove they have a blood relative of Perradin origin can be a citizen of the country. The thirty-two tribes of Perrado document their members with careful precision, even lost lines from individuals that migrated out of the country or who disappeared; the tribes will often send emissaries out into Ealdremen to search for missing links in tribe lineages. When such a "lost tribesman" is located, the whole of the tribe celebrates and takes extended holidays off work to welcome their newfound family member back home.

Every tribe in Perrado has a different function, culture, and role in society, likened unto a different head of a many-headed beast; the heads all have different brains despite growing from the same body. However, though the heads all share the same stomach and benefit when any one head eats, they still contend and fight with one another for total control of the body. This is said to be because the thirty-third tribe of Perrado, which was the governing tribe and had Perrado's finest orators and politicians, was lost and scattered throughout Beyne during the the Godbomb, if not outright destroyed in the calamity. Even hundreds of years later, no tribe can agree on who can take the place of the lost tribe, and they continue to fight for control over the government. In day-to-day life, Perrado's different tribes collaborate and work together, but when conflicts arise, individuals will almost always revert back to tribal lines. To do otherwise is to betray one's heritage and bloodline.