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Full Name: Qatal-ku of Rhyser City
Pronunciation: Caw-tul Koo
Race: Sabarus alpha
Gender: Identifies female
Born: 14-10-4330 CGC
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A leader among Rhyser City's police force, Qatal-ku reports directly to Governor Kokab and is largely in charge of patrolling the surrounding area to keep monsters and other possible hostiles in check. Her approach to situations with rabble-rousing people is to generally try nonviolence first, though she has learned through experience that threats of violence tend to be most effective.


Qatal-ku was one of many sabarus alphas created during the population boom of Rhyser City in the years 4320 through 4330. She was designed with law enforcement in mind, as it was anticipated with all of the new sabarus alphas living in or around Rhyser, there would be an increase in crime and just general chaos from new alphas starting to learn about the world around them. Qatal-ku spent three years in training, officially entering into the police force when she just turned four. Around age seven, she, along with several other officers, was called in to deal with a drug violation just outside the city. As was customary, they explained the law violation and suggested that the criminals just come with them quietly. Abruptly, one of them fired a gun at one of Qatal-ku's companions; the bullet went through his central motherboard, damaging him beyond repair.

They were able to eventually subdue the criminals, but that day changed Qatal-ku's outlook on organic Kylians. As much as Rhyser City's government took initiative to minimize conflict between the sabarus alphas and the organic Kylians in the city, they were inherently different and always going to clash with one another -- often violently. While shooting someone to get away with a crime would be unthinkable to most of the sabarus alpha population, as they were predominately programmed to be adverse to needless violence, it came easily enough to organic Kylians that had no such programming.

Qatal-ku's efficiency allowed her to climb the ranks of the police force. On her patrols, she regularly checked to make sure that her subordinates were properly armed and prepared to fight fire with fire, so to speak, if their targets grew violent.

Second Dream of Arplakoon

Sabaria: The Monster Within

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.

In the second dream, Qatal-ku brought the players directly to Governor Kokab shortly after their arrival on Rackina's shores, whereupon she left to attend to other business. After Rhyser City was bombed and Governor Kokab died, Qatal-ku took over as the leader of the refugees, directing rescue efforts and evacuations. Initially, she thought there was no way for all of the refugees to be saved without endangering even more lives in the process, but she was relieved when the player characters proved her wrong and saved all of the survivors of the bombing with the help of the able-bodied refugees. Once they evacuated the city, Qatal-ku helped bring the survivors to the city of Deldaan and left the players' company.