Ra Lar

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The massive freshwater sea around which most of Beyne's nations congregate, Ra Lar is a central aspect to Beynid culture. Being the largest source of water on the entire planet, properties near Ra Lar are highly coveted, and governments take special care to keep Ra Lar in balance. Fishing is strictly regulated, as is the harvest of any plants that grow at the bottom of Ra Lar or on its shores. There is quite the demand for Ra Lar's rarer delicacies, even spawning an underground black market for such a thing, but police forces are quick to crack down on any such operations, making it also a highly dangerous business.

Ra Lar's name translates roughly to "Heart Mother," referring to how it is the heart of Beynid civilization and essentially the life-giving mother to the planet. Without Ra Lar, life would not exist at all on Beyne.