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Rackina is an island nation off the coast of Sabaria, which is the country that originally owned the land that Rackina now occupies. Prior to the Second Galactic War, the island was an undeveloped territory that the Sabari people had barely explored. When the runaway robotic people that would become the sabarus alphas crashlanded on the island, Sabaria gifted the island to them as a sign of good will, and the newly-born nation of Rackina affiliated itself with the Alamo Empire out of loyalty to Sabaria.

Modern-day Rackina is densely contained in urban cities that are predominately inhabited by sabarus alphas. Organic Kylians are uncommon, but by no means unheard of, particularly in cities close to the coast such as Rhyser City. Fittingly, because of the majority population of sabarus alphas, Rackina has a culture of lacking violence and criminal activity, and in some cities, there is a sense of police existing just because that's what civilizations have as opposed to any real need for law enforcement. However, emotional disconnect between the robotic and organic people happens frequently -- though well-meaning, sometimes the sabarus alphas that keep Rackina running can misunderstand an organic Kylian's intent or goal, and woe to the community that underestimates deviant or criminal behavior. Even small-time criminals can wreak great havoc among the unsuspecting Rackinans.

Etymology and Other Names

The name Rackina is derived from the first sabarus alpha, Freethinker Rackina. Because the country is named for a person, languages tend to preserve the name, albeit with some modifications to fit language phonology (such as Common Habou pronouncing the name raakina).