Red Quasars

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Perhaps only rivaled by the Starcatchers in notoriety, the Red Quasars are a villainous group of pirates who make their home on the Fallen Arm Station. They are so powerful that almost everyone who docks at the station must pay tribute to them -- and anyone who doesn't may quickly find themselves on the wrong side of the Fallen Arm Station's "law enforcement".


The Red Quasars' origins stem from a gang in Fol Atzo, the now-defunct Regrassis. According to "origin myths" propagated by the Red Quasars' members, their leader Boss Regrassi grew bored of her scope being limited to only the city. Seeking to expand their reach to even past the stars, she bolstered the gang's numbers with those of other gangs who were subservient to the Regrassis. They took to the stars in the mid-4000s and renamed themselves after their mothership, the Red Quasar.

At first, the Red Quasars struggled to contend with the previously-established crews of space pirates, and before the Godbomb hit, it seemed certain that the upstart Red Quasars would return back to Fol Atzo with their tails between their legs. However, the Godbomb fragmented the galaxy in ways nobody could have foreseen, allowing them to build up their forces without much interference from rival crews.

Once the Red Quasars repaired some of their ships, they were among the first to be able to travel throughout space again. This monopoly on space travel further strengthened them to the point that even when space travel became relatively common again, the Red Quasars had such a lead on their rivals that it seemed impossible to catch up. They grew only more powerful with more and more crews pledging allegience to them in hopes of getting their share of the swaths of ill-gotten loot that the Red Quasars seemed to bring in on a daily basis.