Renul the Wandering Star

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Renul the Wandering Star
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Pronunciation: Reh-nool
Domain: Travel/Heavens/Void/Stars/Isolation/Luck
Gender: Female
Status: Missing }}
Other Names: Renddar, Renuli, Raenu }}
"Look skyward. The limitless universe lays before you... and you would condemn the spirits of the dead to never see any more than the fraction they experienced in life?"

Renul the Wandering Star is a goddess known for wandering the galaxy at will. She was said to be accompanied by a host of spirits, allowing them to see things they were unable to experience in life. Since the Godbomb, she has been missing from Ealdremen, and it is unknown what would have become of the spirits in her company if she perished.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


Renul seems to prefer a draconic appearance, resembling a rakko but with horns instead of ears and a more narrow snout. Her body glows with an ethereal, otherworldly light; each individual scale seems to have some starlight captured in it. Her legs are digitigrade, and she keeps her feet uncovered. Renul's weapon of choice is a pair of spiked gauntlets on either hand; on her left is a silver gauntlet, and her right bears a golden one.

In the second dream, Renul's left horn is broken off, given to her devout believer Ddremmu Slirenddar so that she might call upon Renul in her direst hour.


Renul was apparently involved in the creation of Oladani; the other half of the spear was contributed by her nemesis, Alvarus the Netherlord.