Rhyser City

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Rhyser City is a populated city within a canyon in Rackina. Its relatively proximity to the coast means that it has a higher non-sabarus alpha population than many other Rackinan cities, and it enjoys economic prosperity from its booming tourism.

The city, like most other Rackina cities, is built on a grid system for ease of navigation. Its roads are somewhat narrow due to the confined nature of the region and because its builders did not foresee the city growing so large. Traffic jams are a well-known problem in Rhyser City, as the roads cannot hold as many vehicles as they probably should. As such, many inhabitants make use of bikes or public transportation instead, or they simply walk to their destinations within the city.

Rhyser City is known for its dedicated scientists and programmers working on the Rhyser Project, designed to allow sabarus alphas to upload their consciousnesses to a memory bank. The purpose of this project is to allow sabarus alphas to cheat death and have their consciousness, memories, and personality downloaded to a new body when the old one becomes unfit to live in. However, it has experienced numerous setbacks, and since its inception over a hundred years ago, it has only just begun to make serious progress.

According to comments from Hretlakk Flametail in the second dream of Arplakoon, Rhyser City's population numbers around 450,000 people.