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"Imagine getting to learn the truth behind all the stories people have dismissed as myth for hundreds of years. I lived when they happened and I’m proof of them happening. Only I’ve never known the true story. I’ve never been more excited to hear anything in my life, and that’s a very long time. Very, very, long..."

A Gralshadi Precursor, Rokordi passed away in the Gralshadi-Orian war and was later made into a gorilla-shaped Colossus. She avoided the events of Mioura: The Forgotten Past and lived on, ostracized for millenia as the world changed without her and her memory began to fail. She lost most semblance of social skills and expectations, maintaining only a tenuous grasp on reality. A surprise encounter with some of the fabled Time-Weavers was to be the first page of a new chapter of Rokordi's perennially long life.


Rokordi was once a Protogod in the years preceding the events of Mioura, the aunt of Fanred the Past-Seer. After passing away in the Orian-Gralshadi war, she had forgotten nearly every facet of her old life, including her family and friends. However, Rokordi had demonstrated some knowledge of the history of Mioura, knowing the Time-Weavers and their influence over the galaxy. What information Rokordi can recall is not constant or demonstrably consistent.

The once-precursor does not definitively know where she was during the events of Mioura: The Forgotten Past, but she was definitely not present for the fall of Dokani the Necromancer. Also unknown is the direct methods through which Rokordi became a colossus in the first place, though in moments of lucidity, Rokordi seemed to recall Renuli The Wanderer having some hand in it. Rokordi lived alone for millennia without rest and only passing contact with other kylians. Rokordi does not fear a great many things, and often approaches combat or other dangerous situations with little thought to the end result.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.

Once she encountered the Time-Weavers and began to form a lasting relationship with some of them, her memory slowly began to improve -- names would return to her, and stick with her. After the events of Alti Maru: The Last Stand, she participated in a ritual which restored her original form, becoming more personable and a bit more cautious, for she suddenly had something to lose - she had been reunited with her niece Fanred, and a slew of other precursors in a world of strangers. She was determined to not lose her family or her people again.

Second Dream of Arplakoon

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.

Nicta: The Corruption Deepens!

Meeting with Aejir "Cameo" Nightclaw, Ddremmu Slirenddar, of the fabled Time-Weavers, Rokordi was like a lost puppy following celebrities - she bumbled through their journey to determine what the infamous Boss Madrante was up to in Fol Atzo. In spite of their brief time together, she felt a great bond with Cameo, and would attempt to follow him during his work understanding the Godslayer Eiorozziore, but she fell out of service and favor with the Alamo Empire and was left behind.

Tumoria: The Emerald Meteors!

Below the floating island Vzástrov Se, by some miracle Rokordi reencountered both Cameo and Ddremmu once again, and followed them up a mighty chain onto the island, where she encountered Zervat Aniklý for the first time. Along with their companions they journeyed into the depths of the island and encountered Varthenral and learned of her desolate future where colossi like Rokordi ruled the earth. Their relationship was, like many Rokordi maintained at that time, tenuous at best, and explosive at worst.

Interim: Fortezzuna

Ferried by Cameo and Ddremmu to the floating spaceship Fortezzuna, Rokordi was largely overwhelmed by the views of space. She had prior only been able to dream of seeing the sights for herself. Having vanquished the odd scientist that ran the mining operation there and having struck down the stone enemies that had beleaguered the crew there, Rokordi's allies left, yet she missed the boat and only left the space station at a later time.

Interim: The Dreamer's Children

Rokordi returned to her wandering, with little more than a name - Cameo - as her purpose. She would need to find him somewhere, and as luck should have it she ended up in the buried city of Dai Lhan where she had a fateful encounter with Ainori the Heir who had been resurrected after the events of Alti Maru: The Last Stand. Ainori recognized the Rokordi not by name or by character, but by race and offered to restore her old self. She returned to Zervat Aniklý's bunker where the other precursors revived had been staying for the time being. It was there that Ainori, Felaji the Servant and Fanred the Past-Seer performed a ritual that restored Rokordi's body, and some of her more formative memories. She recalled her death, having perished in the Orian-Gralshadi war, struck down by a young Throntuk the Lionhearted as she attempted to protect her niece, who she now realized was Fanred, and her nephew, Threkazd the Page. She embraced her niece and began to ready herself for what might come next - offering what assistance she could to Fanred, Felaji, and the other Precursors she came across.

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