Roshiro-chun: The Arms of Kota

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Roshiro-chun: The Arms of Kota is a campaign set in the Vistelo galaxy. It takes players to the religious oligarchy of Roshiro-chun, where a rash of regressive new laws pertaining to use of takoro-tatsu and the chromatoparalyzed passed by the Arms of Kota have resulted in massive unrest. In fact, a string of rather strong death threats have emerged, suggesting a legitimately powerful attempt on their lives may be coming. Though the AVS is loath to step into such a political quagmire, especially siding with the oppressive majority, death threats against government officials cannot be taken lightly, and any measures to hunt out and stop the force behind this threat will be taken.

Roshiro-chun: The Arms of Kota is designed as a mostly standalone campaign, able to be played at near any point without disrupting the flow of the story.