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The tropical nation of Sabaria is often regarded as a land of tranquility and pacifism, but this belies the history of conflict that gave rise to its prominent activists and philosophers whose beliefs forged the framework of the Alamo Empire. Some historians say that Sabaria is the most successful nation to have a hand in galactic politics; the Sabari people have by and large benefitted from their alliance with the Alamo Empire while not being expected all throughout history to contribute to war efforts beyond supplying resources and territory -- never people. Despite having been considered an imperial nation since the Empire first began, and even reaping benefits as one of its founding nations, Sabaria has never suffered a major attack on its own soil. Even in times of war, the country is regarded as too unassuming to be worth attacking, or perhaps too much of an easy target; to attack Sabaria is to incite even more retaliation for how it keeps its hands officially out of every violent conflict in Ealdremen.

Most of Sabaria is flatland; forests dot its landscape, especially near its coast, but the central part of the country consists of grassy plains and small sloping hills. The air in Sabaria is notably pure and fresh to breathe due to its nation-wide restrictions on polluting chemicals; industrial work tends to be outsourced to other countries, especially Rackina, with whom Sabaria has long had an alliance with. As a result, Sabaria is a popular country to retire to, especially for old imperial soldiers that don't want to be far from home.