Sacangun System

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The Sacangun System is a star system located within Ealdremen; it is located within the same spiral arm, called God's Path Arm, as the Mimorneo System and the Ealdremen System. Stellar readings indicate that an enormous portion of Sacangun's stars are oddly ancient, comparable to those that likely reside at the center of the spiral galaxy. However, these readings have failed to pick up on the multitude of life within Sacangun or the eternal war that has dictated its existence for longer than anyone can remember; Ealdremen astronomers erroneously believe that Sacangun is bereft of life.

In Sacangun, extraplanar creatures appear with astonishing regularity through rifts and portals, as though the boundary between planes is thin to nonexistent all throughout the star system. These rifts can permit mortals to pass through, though there's often no telling where they'll end up; this is considered the only means of travelling between planets throughout Sacangun, as interstellar space travel does not exist. Technology all throughout Sacangun is overwhelmingly low compared to other systems in Ealdremen perhaps as a result of the mortals often being used as cannon fodder in planar creatures' wars against each other or otherwise caught in the crossfire. Magic, though poorly understood even by its users, is extraordinarily common due to the result of extraplanar exposure.