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According to history, when vagrants from Nalmación explored the mountains to the north, they found a veritable wealth of machines and clockwork gears already constructed throughout a long valley -- but no sign of where the builders had gone. Not wanting others to pillage their fortunate finding, they took to calling the land Scrapyard to encourage outsiders to view the Beynid mountains as nothing but a pile of junk. The opportunistic settlers made their homes here, and they claimed that some of the technology they discovered was so advanced that the most powerful of it was sealed away in now lost vaults beneath the country to prevent it from being stolen. Though there are indeed sealed vaults in the underground of Scrapyard, the people by and large seem content to leave them alone, instead hoping to surpass the mythical wealth within them.

Scrapyard's people may strike as somewhat superstitious and imbued with exaggerated legends of glory and fame. The citizens tend to be dramatic and overblown in some capacity, almost like caricatures of themselves; they usually tend to not see hyperbole as deception so long as the central aspect of the story is still truthful. Many of their people have a keen interest in history and will document their family lines by their family's great accomplishments. These accomplishments are usually technological in nature, but Scrapyard's people have historically had an interest in anyone who breaks the mold in some way.

Divine magic is sparingly tolerated in Scrapyard, though more seen as a means to an end, especially if the divine energy comes from adherence to a religion as opposed to just being something that "happened" out of nowhere. Devout worship tends to be regarded with suspicion, particularly with the rise of cults in God's Land sometimes stealing away into Scrapyard to take from the citizens.