Sigzlor: The Giant's Shadow

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Sigzlor: The Giant's Shadow is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the center of an impending conflict on the planet Sigzlor, where the Alamo Empire and the Veriol Alliance stand at a stalemate. Both sides seek to chase out the others' forces, but neither is willing to make the first move and risk drawing the Gerualdi Union's ire. Meanwhile, the Sigzlorian people are pulled in two directions with the two factions trying to gain Sigzlor's allegiance, and the more they lose to the foreign factions encroaching on their land, the more likely it seems a revolution is nigh.

The Sigzlor campaign is essentially the culmination of the Alamo Empire and the Veriol Alliance conflict, allowing players to pick a side -- or no side at all -- and watch the results play out. Unless the campaign order is being specifically designed to jumpstart the conflict between the two factions before all of their plots are completed, it's advised that players at least complete the Sabaria, Kes Joshawk, Tumoria, and Alti Maru campaigns before doing Sigzlor. Sigzlor also serves well as a penultimate campaign, being able to lead directly into the Kyrol campaign.

The theme for Sigzlor: The Giant's Shadow is Stand My Ground.