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Solçãoraldos is an area of southern Quanmo located southeast of Drio. Known for its venomous vegetation, all-consuming wildfires, and toxic fumes that overtake every inch of this inhospitable region, Solçãoraldos is also called "the Sunless Lands". Between the fumes, smoke, and the thick vegetation, it is impossible to see the sun while in the thick of this hellish land.


Solçãoraldos was originally several nations -- Denado, Fadhado, and Eneificado -- with well-populated cities throughout. The lands were fertile and led to these nations having booming argricultural businesses especially. However, after the Godbomb struck, something odd happened to the lands in Eneificado. Plants whithered and died away, and their remains released toxic spores that cloaked the Kylians' settlements. When the survivors attempted to burn away the toxic plants, the wildfires spread and caused only more destruction, forcing the citizens to flee. However, the disease spread in neighboring nations as well, and the survivors evacuated into Drio. From there, many of them left for places farther from the land now known as Solçãoraldos, but several also stayed in hopes of one day reclaiming their homes.

Day by day, Solçãoraldos' reach grows farther and farther. No one knows for sure if the diseased lands will eventually overtake all of Quanmo or if it can be stopped.