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"Oh, how the mighty have fallen."

Starborne is a series of small, interconnected campaigns that take place on the planet Cosmott. While there is an overarching plot to the setting, each campaign focuses on separate aspects of the world, and players need not participate in each campaign to grasp the overall story, instead choosing which campaigns to take part in.


The desert planet of Cosmott is said to have been built from the corpse of a dead god. The Mighty is thought to have sacrificed itself long ago in order to save the budding planet from a great calamity, and in its final act, bequeathed life unto the world. But after millions of years, things are beginning to change.

A new danger has risen from places unknown. A phenomenon known as Stillness has begun to overtake parts of the planet, halting life in isolated pockets. Strange and dangerous creatures lurk within the Stillness, and entering a Stilled area is inadvisable. Some believe that the gift of life that the Mighty bequeathed unto the world is beginning to fade, ancient and aged as it is, while others believe that the Stillness is merely some sort of scientific anomaly that must be explored. Regardless of theories as to why, the Stillness is slowly expanding, crawling ever closer to swallowing the planet whole.

On Cosmott, life goes on... until the creeping Stillness overtakes it.


Players may create multiple characters, choosing from among the Cosmottian races. Though players may have multiple characters, they may only bring one character to each campaign. Character creation is done using Pathfinder rules and character sheets, with occasional D&D 3.5e material allowed at the GM's discretion. Homebrew content may also be allowed at the GM's discretion. All Ealdremen House Rules are in effect, including Tenacity rules. Characters begin play at level ??? (probably 5 but we need to discuss it).