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The Starcatchers are a well-known and infamous group of pirates named for their main vessel, the Starcatcher. Accounts vary of when they first came into existence, but there are records that indicate they have perhaps been around in some form since shortly after the Third Galactic War. There have been periods when they dropped from the public eye, but the Starcatchers remain one of the most established pirate crews in the entire solar system, and they've only grown more powerful since the Godbomb.

Leadership over the crew is more hereditary than anything in this long-lasting crew -- the current captain will pass it down to one of their children. Though there have been some periods where the Starcatcher family did not lead the crew, they eventually reclaimed ownership of it one way or another.

The current leader of the Starcatchers is Sjora Starcatcher, who inherited the status from her mother, Dagur Starcatcher.