Starflow System

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On the fringe of what is considered part of Cerebrum Central, the innermost part of the Ealdremen galaxy, the Starflow System is one of Ealdremen's oldest systems, its planets mere dust when some of Ealdremen's newest systems were just beginning. In lieu of planets, massive clouds of water continue to support life, all of them suspended in an orbit around a dying star that pulls in the water like a massive, yet ponderously slow, torrent. The vapor clouds are so dense and so numerous that from a distance, they appear to be as an ocean all throughout the Starflow System; only close inspections reveal gaps between the clouds that the water-dwelling Starflow species cannot traverse. In spite of this, most of the clouds are so large that virtually no living creature could hope to traverse an entire water cloud in their lifetime on their own -- some of the most ambitious, though, cling to old relics trapped in the water from planets gone by, and they whisper of miraculous ships that could crest the waves surrounded by stars at every side and someday explore what lies beyond the water clouds.