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Streeg has also been called the seat of the Alamo Empire; centuries ago, before even the First Galactic War erupted, it was many countries that eventually united to push Estvoldian colonists out. The inciting incident for the union -- and, indeed, the Alamo Empire itself -- was the 2647 Varkkinsett Massacre of old. For thousands of years, Streeg has been one country, and its grandest leaders have sought to unite the whole galaxy under one banner just as Streeg did.

The northern regions of Streeg are snowy and mountainous, and as its most populated cities are in the north, this leads to the impression that all of Streeg is this way. The popular perception of Streeg is that all its people are as frigid, withdrawn, and unfeeling as their cold country, and that military might was the only way they could dominate such an unforgiving land. However, its southern areas are equatorial and tropical, much like the neighboring Wargäreim and Sabaria, giving Streeg unparalleled environmental variety to secure the comfort of newcomers to the Alamo Empire.