Streeg: The Final Eclipse

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Streeg: The Final Eclipse is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the nation of Streeg, the heart of the Alamo Empire. As the Alamo Empire prepares itself for the worst its enemies can throw their way, it issues a warrant for the arrest of a mysterious woman hiding out somewhere within Streeg. This woman's motives are unknown, but even with the threat of war looming, the Alamo Empire seems to consider subduing her a priority.

The Streeg campaign is most suited for towards the middle or middle-end of the campaigns, as it has the opportunity for some overarching plot information that is best delivered once the players are immersed in the world and better understand what is going on around them. It is also best done either immediately preceding or immediately following the Tumoria campaign, as the two campaigns share some central NPCs.

The theme for Streeg: The Final Eclipse is Forgiven.