Sun Lao-Ji

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Full Name: Sun Lao-Ji
Pronunciation: Suhn Laow Jee
Race: Odhan
Gender: Female
Born: 12-1-4260
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The Veriol Council's Minister of National Affairs, Sun Lao-Ji is a brash, outspoken politician, and she has been re-elected time and time again for her sweeping changes to the Veriol Alliance's internal workings to build up their cities and improve the structures of society. She is known for her abrupt, often ridiculous-sounding plans that somehow seem to work. Her ability to quickly identify problems and having seniority over the other councilors has led to her being the unofficial leader of the Veriol Council; even if the other ministers oversee their departments and aren't required to defer to her, legislation, laws, and almost anything that has Sun's approval is easier to gain support for than one without.