Taleocles Phikaros

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Full Name: Taleocles Mátis Phikaros
Pronunciation: Tay-lay-oh-clees Mah-tees Phy-care-ohs
Race: Otelidra
Gender: Male
Born: 3-20-4300
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The Veriol Council's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taleocles Phikaros is a mild-mannered and almost shy diplomat. He still seems to be getting used to his position of power, despite having been in the Veriol Council for three terms now. Initially, he did not campaign for a position in the Veriol Council, but he ended up catapulted to the top by a variety of connections he never knew he had when the then-current Minister of Foreign Affairs abruptly retired. Taleocles' earnest and steadfast nature has won over voters since then, keeping him in office.