The Godbomb

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The Godbomb was an event in the year 4100 that wiped out significant portions of the Ealdremen Galaxy's societies, technology, and more, effectively destroying the foundation the Kylians' society was built on. Even parts of the planets were demolished in the destruction, and, in the case of the planet Mioura, sometimes even the whole of the planet was left little more than a husk of its former self.

"Lost" technology from before the Godbomb can still be found throughout the land, most often in the old cities.

Terminology and Other Names

The name "Godbomb" was not widely used until the year 4175; however, because of the name's simplicity in describing the event, it soon became the only name used once interplanetary travel and communication was once again re-established.

All languages currently spoken throughout the galaxy have a word for the Godbomb, though their names can vary immensely from both each other and the Standard Kylian term for it. For example, Morish calls the event Jadern istrat turén, which can be translated as "The Gods' Revenge," whereas Alamin refers to it as Áur hrekk ajin Voraljt: "The End of Our Godhood".


At the conclusion of the Third Galactic War and the disbandment of the Alamo Empire, the other factions eventually also fell by the wayside. The Nazdrovie Pact, since it had been created solely to defeat the Alamo Empire, officially broke up, and the Veriol Alliance, while technically still active, ceased to have meetings or elect new leaders into the Veriol Council, signifying the apparent end of any overarching government between the nations that comprised it. Only the Gerualdi Union remained, and given their constant stance on neutrality during the wars, they were keen on maintaining a more or less factionless Ealdremen Galaxy.

This era of unprecedented peace also heralded prosperity. Even Raljikka, so thoroughly ravaged by the Third Galactic War, was able to rebuild and keep up with the other planets. Technology was developed at a faster rate; more uses of Chrono were found; medicine and healing arts were so effective that the people of this era were longer-lived than ever before; and over time, more and more conclusive evidence of some gods' existence became common knowledge.

As the Kylians effectively became gods, they sought to dispose of the ones above them, so history claims. It is said that weapons capable of killing gods were forged and were even used against some of them to alarming effect, killing several of them.

And, history continues, the gods responded with the Godbomb to eliminate the threat of the weapons and remind the mortals where they truly stood in the Ealdremen Galaxy.