The Rut Eternal

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The Rut Eternal is one of many names attributed to the galaxy Vyken. Oddly, despite the lack of interstellar communication between the planets and systems of Vyken, every world has at least somewhat adjacent mythology surrounding the birth, death, and rebirth of the universe. In particular, Vyken itself is said to be a galaxy borne upon the antlers of a mighty horned creature, each planet a point on the tines.

On Cosmott, the Rut Eternal is referred to as the Mighty. Often represented in literature and artwork as a scaled, antlered reptile of indescribable size, the Mighty is thought to have died to protect the planet from a great calamity. The god's sacrifice left its body for the denizens of the planet to inhabit, and its final breath spread throughout the planet, bringing magic to the world.

Forigo has many different interpretations of the Rut Eternal, though the most common is known as the Omnibuck. The Omnibuck appears as a terrestrial deer, with antlers that stretch across the galaxy and hold the planets in its tines. The Omnibuck is thought to be the creator and protector of all things.

In the Eymas Sector, the Rut Eternal is known as the Hart. The Sector's two suns, Philo and Krates, are thought to be the Hart's eyes, and every planet makes a bend in the Hart's form, like a constellation. The Hart was said to have come into existence in a bright explosion of color and light, and now fills the universe with its form.

Despite the differences across planets, all mythology surrounding the Rut Eternal has several similarities, the most common being the idea of its inexorable connection to balance. It is said that the Rut Eternal is constantly struggling to maintain the balance of the worlds in its antlers, and if any one side gets too heavy, the galaxy will collapse as the Rut Eternal falls. The galaxy would then be reborn as the Rut Eternal regains its footing, and the cycle would continue.

In many religions across the planets and planes of Vyken, the Rut Eternal is revered as a deity. Because of the all-encompassing nature of the Rut Eternal, its principle domain is that of Life.