Third Galactic War

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The Third Galactic War was a conflict between the Alamo Empire and the Nazdrovie Pact that spanned the years 3021 to 3045 with the Veriol Alliance entering the war towards the end. The war seemed to secure relative peace for almost a thousand years after its end, as the Third Galactic War appeared to be the last one that the galaxy would ever find itself embroiled in.


After being taken in by the Alamo Empire as glorified spoils of war, Beyne’s unwillingness to bow to the Alamo Empire’s might was to be expected; however, uprisings occurred both in the planet Sigzlor and the Raljikkan nations in Dralvarus following the Second Galactic War, culminating in these areas being placed under martial law like Beyne. In secret, Dralvarus and Sigzlor plotted to secede from the Alamo Empire and seize their independence. Forming the Nazdrovie Pact, named for the Sigzlorian ambassador Sercina Nazdrovie, this newly-formed group was abruptly thrown into chaos when the Alamo Empire caught wind of Dralvarus’ plans to secede and stormed its land to put down the incoming revolution.

Sigzlor came to Dralvarus’ aid; Beyne, seeing an opportunity, announced support of the Nazdrovie Pact and was officially admitted into its ranks shortly after. The Nazdrovie Pact called for aid from the Veriol Alliance and the Gerualdi Union; the Veriol Alliance was too uncertain of the potential results of this civil war to throw its support behind the Nazdrovie Pact, and the Gerualdi Union had too many prosperous trade connections within the Alamo Empire to consider going to war with them.

As the war went on, the Alamo Empire realized defeat was inevitable as the combined might of the Nazdrovie Pact focused upon them. With their inside knowledge of the Alamo Empire’s workings, the Nazdrovie Pact made quick work of its forces. However, the Nazdrovie Pact was countered by the Alamo Empire’s sabarus alphas, which maintained their loyalty to the Alamo Empire even as more and more of the Empire defected to the Nazdrovie Pact. The sheer tenacity of the sabarus alphas held back the Nazdrovie Pact for years, but they eventually suffered too many losses to keep up the war and pulled back.

Once the Nazdrovie Pact’s victory was certain, the Veriol Alliance came in and helped fully conquer the Alamo Empire, laying waste to its capitals Varkkinsett and Alamosett. The final and twenty-first emperor of the Alamo Empire, High Emperor Derrin Stormwing IX, a direct descendant of the first emperor of the same name, was executed in 3045, proclaiming the end of the Alamo Empire and the Third Galactic War.