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Pronunciation: TRY-parl
Founded: 000000
Current Leader(s): THREE NAMES HERE
Colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue }}
Lingua Franca: Oprogi }}

The Triple Parliament, abbreviated as the Tri-Parl, is the governing system of the Eymas Sector. It is a parliament made up of three distinct parts, with each part representing two of the six habitable planets. Though by tradition each section holds an equal amount of power in the Tri-Parl, each section's sway over decisions varies depending on the individual power and charisma of the current elected representatives.


The Tri-Parl has three sections, each to represent a pair of planets in the Sector. Those sections are Kyssini, Kitrinos, and Kuavoc.


represents planets Panpyr and Vouno; red


represents planets Ophilios and Praskia; yellow


represents planets Thalassa and Kryacher; blue