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Union Crossroads is a franchise specializing in alcoholic drinks, though they have quite the broad menu for food as well. Due to connections with the Gerualdi Union, Union Crossroads has access to almost any kind of alcoholic drink imaginable, and they employ skilled bartenders to ensure their customers with niche tastes have a reason to frequent them. The owner seems to mandate a strong sense of consistency across different bars right down to the music, and these bars tend to be almost the same wherever found throughout the galaxy.

Individual Union Crossroads bars apparently change their name depending on the governing force in the territory, and "Union Crossroads" is only used as the name in Gerualdi Union areas or in areas without a major galactic governing power. Alliance Crossroads and Imperial Crossroads bars are, consequently, functionally the same as Union Crossroads -- they're simply given a bit of "makeover" to appeal more to Veriol Alliance or Alamo Empire sensibilities.


In 4320, Union Crossroads' first bar opened in the city of Fol Adessi in Nicta. By the end of its first year of business, it was astoundingly popular due to its markedly "quasi-anarchist feel" that appealed to the free-thinking academics and rebellious youth in the city. Though Union Crossroads was not overtly anti-government by any means, the overall aesthetic and feel of being an "underground" bar (as it was originally located in the basement of an old abandoned church) with songs that leaned towards mistrust of major powers struck a chord with the populace. The very name "Union Crossroads" became ironic with how the franchise came to rely on the Union itself for its more varied supplies, but for the aesthetic of the bar, this was presented as "using" big government to their own ends and somehow ripping them off in the process.

Subsequent Union Crossroads bars, even those in areas where critique of the government doesn't go over as well as it does in cynical Union cities, have gotten away with their aesthetic due to it being part of the brand and the same everywhere in the galaxy. When that fails, it's presented as a critique of the Gerualdi Union, which major powers tend to be more than happy to allow.