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System administrator for the Chrono Stars Wiki. If you need to contact me about this wiki or Chrono Stars itself for whatever reason, you can email me at, or you can contact me on Discord if you have my Discord username.

Things I'm in charge of

  • The administration of the Chrono Stars Wiki as a whole.
  • Making tickets on behalf of non-MyWikis client editors when problems are encountered with the wiki.
  • Almost all pages relating to Ealdremen, including anything in a category such as "Ealdremen Races".
  • My own character pages in non-Ealdremen settings.
  • The general lore and framework of Chrono Stars as a multiverse.

Things I'm not in charge of

  • Pages pertaining to other people's sub-settings of Chrono Stars. While I rule the proverbial wiki roost, I do not check or edit pages related to settings other than Ealdremen unless specifically requested to by a specific user or the wiki framework (e.g. the page is called out as having broken links).Those settings are under the governance of the users who created them.
  • Emlarlie Nithel IX
  • Pages relating to specific people's characters, even if they're part of Ealdremen. As with non-Ealdremen settings, I do not edit other people's character pages unless there is an external reason to, like fixing broken links or files.
  • Anything relating to the wiki's host. Please check MyWikis' help desk before you ask me a question about the wiki's host. If you're experiencing a problem with the wiki itself and need to make a ticket, have me send it since I'm the person considered MyWikis' "client" and can actually access their ticket system.